Recent glacier advances at Glaciar Exploradores, Hielo Patagónico Norte, Chile


With the purpose of establishing the recent glacial chronology of the HPN, moraines at Glaciar Exploradores were identified and investigated, thereby collecting samples for +.C dating. In total, three moraine systems were recognized, the Invernada moraine (TM+), main moraine (TM,) and the modern (secondary) moraines (TM-). TM- was further subdivided into TM-􏰂+ and TM-􏰂, based on vegetation cover, size, morphology, degree of rock weathering, and development of mosses on rocks. Two samples from TM+, six samples from TM, and seven samples from TM- were dated. Also the number of tree rings was counted at TM, and TM-. Based on these data, four possible scenarios were postulated and examined. The tentative conclusion is that there were two recent glacial advances at Glaciar Exploradores, one sometime between the +,th and +1th century (forming main moraine, TM,) and the other around the early to mid-+3th century (TM-􏰂+) and after ca. +3.. (TM-􏰂,). We could not obtain a date that would indicate the age of the Invernada moraine (TM+): however, from the age of TM,, it was speculated that it could be of the Neoglaciation III (+0**􏰂+-** BP).

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